Manos Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Established in 1981, Manos Engineering has developed into the leading supplier of closed circuit heat exchangers to the South African Mining Industry.

A unique computer program which has evolved over some 30 years is used to accurately predict the performance of the heat exchanger at prevailing underground conditions.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply a complete service, from the design stage of your cooling needs to delivery of the finished products.

We are able to supply performance graphs of all our cooling coils, showing exactly how they will perform at your specific environmental conditions.

In addition, we are more than happy to provide additional performance information once the cooling coils have been installed in their working environment.

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Our Team

Brian Wood is a professional certificated engineer with extensive experience in deep level gold mines and cooling systems.

Our Partners

We have been supplying extruded fin copper tubing to the Mining Industry since 1982 and all of this tubing is sourced from Wieland South Africa (Pty.)Ltd.

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Designing a cooling layout can become a complicated issue and we welcome you to contact us for any assistance we may provide.

Getting Started

We are more than happy to provide preliminary information regarding the performance of our cooling coils and cooling cars

at your specific environmental conditions.

In order to provide this service, we need the following information from you:

• Barometric Pressure (kPa)

• Inlet air temperature (wet bulb/dry bulb)  (oC)

• Inlet water temperature  (oC)

• Water pressure (not necessary at the design stage)  (MPa)

• An indication of the amount of cooling required   (kW)


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